Annual Pro-Life Prayer Breakfast a hallmark of DCCW work

Annual Pro-Life Prayer Breakfast a hallmark of DCCW work

The keynote speaker at the council’s annual Interfaith Pro-Life Prayer Breakfast, held Oct. 2 at Christ Our Shepherd Center, was Bishop Larry J. Kulick. It was the first time he addressed the group as Bishop.

“We recognize that this breakfast is one of the hallmarks of the work being done by the DCCW. The pro-life movement is such a priority to me, to all of you and all who have gone before you,” Bishop Kulick said. “I always leave this breakfast feeling renewed and reengaged, and I have always found the breakfasts to be an opportunity for education. They help us to understand another facet in the pro-life movement.”

After a welcome from Raissa Federline, Greensburg DCCW president, and introduction from Denise Pencola, immediate past president, Bishop Kulick spent time reflecting on a lesson he received as a young child: that the first beings created by God were angels.

“Angels weren’t given the ability to create other angels. God created all the angels. But in His divine plan, He created humankind in his own likeness,” he said. “But here is one of the most important dimensions for our reflection today: God gave us the ability to be co-creators with Him. We are given the power to create human life.”

Bishop Kulick received a roaring round of applause from the crowd of nearly 200 people with his reaffirmation.

“There is no position in the Catholic Church or for someone who is Catholic other than to take a pro-life position. That is not human law, it is divine law. No priest, bishop or person can change that,” he said.

The Bishop emphasized the impact of the 60 million lives that have been extinguished domestically by abortion. He described his role as Bishop to be the primary catechist of the Diocese and to be the instrument who unites the flock with the greater Church.

“We hear many say: I’m pro-life but I don’t want to impose my life on others. I can’t take away someone else’s choice. If we acknowledge that abortion takes the life of a human being — understand that we must be opposed to all abortion. Every innocent human life has a right to be born. There is no right to murder. We cannot say we are personally pro-life in order to be fair to other persons,” Bishop Kulick said.

He encouraged all the attendees to continue be activists for the pro-life movement for the sake of every human life.

“We’ve got to convert the hearts and minds of people along with doing our advocacy. Nothing is going to make someone stronger in their own convictions than their own conversions,” he said. “The conversion of the human heart can save the human soul.”

Father Salvatore R. Lamendola, Pastor of
St. Joseph Parish, Derry, and St. Martin Parish, New Derry, and Father Eric J. Dinga, Pastor of Christ, Prince of Peace Parish, Ford City, and St. Lawrence Parish, Cadogan, led prayers at the breakfast organized by committee members Millie Krinock, Betty Nemchik and Pencola. Music was led by Christine and Dorelia Hankins.


Right, DCCW President Raissa Federline speaks at the breakfast, and Bishop Larry J. Kulick gathers with Federline, Co-Treasurer and Past President Millie Krinock, second from right, and Denise Pencola, Immediate Past President. Left, participants listen during the annual Interfaith Pro-Life Prayer Breakfast Oct. 2 at Christ Our Shepherd Center, Greensburg. 


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