Biblical Magi: The Three Kings and their Gift

Biblical Magi:

The Three Kings and their Gift

By Jennifer Miele

A “drive-thru” live Nativity was a unique way for the Roman Catholic Churches of Uniontown to evangelize about the birth of Jesus. It was an idea created during an uptick in the COVID-19 pandemic in December 2020.

“We needed to evangelize together, but still apart,” said Father Anthony J. Klimko, Pastor of the Roman Catholic Churches of Uniontown.

In this version of the live Nativity, Father Klimko played the role of one of the Three Kings, alongside Father Anthony Cortado, Parochial Vicar, and St. John the Evangelist Parish organist Joel Hudock.

“We’re following the Christmas star in the sky that announced the birth of the savior. The Three Kings or the Three Wise Men knew something special was happening by looking at the stars,” said Father Klimko.

“They were wise men seeking knowledge; they realized the knowledge was coming to man. They searched afar for it.”

“The three Wise Men’s names were Melchior, Gaspar and Balthazar,” said Father Cortado. “As far as I know, they were astronomers. They were wise men studying the stars. And they were following stars. They offered gifts to Jesus as a sign of respect for Jesus.”

The gifts they brought each had spiritual meanings:

• Gold was a symbol of royalty.

• Frankincense, which is an incense, was a symbol of a deity.

• Myrrh was an embalming oil.

All together, the gifts symbolize the arrival of a king who was given to the world by God himself in mortal form. These gifts had not only significant value but also prophetic importance. These educated, respected and influential men were considered to be the “king makers” of their time.

Despite King Herod’s command to return to him with the precise location of the infant Jesus, the Magi returned to their own countries instead and proclaimed that the Savior had been born.

Some of the richest, most powerful men of their time found the greatest gift the world has ever seen in a humble manger.


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