Catholic Charities announces “Give Help, Give Hope” appeal

Hidden homeless and those with critical needs to be helped through appeal

GREENSBURG – Dec. 14 – 
Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Greensburg has announced a special online appeal called “Give Help, Give Hope.” Proceeds from the appeal will provide critical assistance and resources for those who are having financial difficulties due to the increased cost of food, utilities and housing or the aftereffects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Seniors, families and especially single parents are struggling right now,” said Melaney Hegyes, Managing Director of Catholic Charities for the Diocese of Greensburg. “Oftentimes, it becomes a choice between paying the heating bill or buying groceries.

“We also have the ‘hidden homeless.’ They are often unnoticed because they may not have a permanent home and lack the resources to find housing,” Hegyes said. “Their plight is hidden from national statistics.”

Bishop Larry J. Kulick said the increasing need for help with basic assistance across the Diocese of Greensburg is critical. Making a gift to the “Give Hope, Give Help” appeal enables Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Greensburg to continue to show the love and mercy of Christ to the most vulnerable.

“We are about to celebrate the anniversary of Our Lord’s birth, and as we prepare our hearts and minds with prayer, we must not forget the humble beginning of our Lord in a manger and in the cold,” Bishop Kulick said.

Bishop Kulick reminds the faithful that Christ was the greatest gift for humanity.

“We must consider using our own gifts for those who need our help and compassion,” he said. “With your help, people in our community can go one more day without worry over how they will feed their families, pay for their  prescriptions, utility bills or keep a roof over their heads.”

For nearly 70 years, Catholic Charities has been the primary social services arm of the Diocese of Greensburg. Rooted in the Gospel and the social teaching of the Church, Catholic Charities serves the needs of individuals and families, regardless of their religious affiliation.

To support  the Catholic Charities “Give Help, Give Hope” appeal, donate online at or through Venmo @CatholicCharitiesGreensburg.  

People can also support the appeal through the second collection taken at all Masses on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. 


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