February, Forgiveness and St. Valentine

By Jennifer Miele
Chief Communications Officer
Managing Director of Evangelization

St. Valentine was imprisoned and tortured for performing marriages against the law of the Emperor because he believed that marriage was sacred. Despite being beaten and stoned, he forgave his torturer. He befriended his torturer’s daughter and shared with her the power of prayer. The night before he was executed, he wrote a note encouraging her to stay close to God. He signed it, “From Your Valentine.”

Do you have it in your heart to forgive? Will you write your own letter this Valentine’s Day, asking for forgiveness?

Throughout the month of February, Bishop Kulick is challenging the faithful of the Diocese of Greensburg to offer and seek forgiveness.

  • Write a letter
  • Send a text
  • Make a phone call
  • Perform a kind deed

“What I’m asking you to do is reflect upon how you have harmed or even how you have been harmed by somebody, and make an outreach for reconciliation and forgiveness,” Bishop Kulick said. “It may be as simple as making a phone call, sending a text or writing a letter. Or maybe just somehow doing a kind deed of charity in reparation for sins you have committed.”

Each month throughout 2023, Bishop Kulick will issue “Faithful Challenges” as part of the National Eucharistic Revival. Eucharistic Revival is a three-year process initiated by the USCCB to invite the faithful to reflect upon the mystery and meaning of the sacrament of the Eucharist in our lives.

Dr. Tom Octave, Director of Sacred Music for the Diocese of Greensburg, is assisting in local efforts to fuel the revival.

“With every Amen when we receive Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, we are strengthened by Christ to be agents of forgiveness in the world,” Dr. Octave said. “Every time we celebrate the Eucharist we are remembering Jesus’ command to love: to love one another, to love our enemies, to forgive always, through lives of kindness, acts of service and by the giving of our very lives to spread the good news of the Gospel. With a love stronger than death, Jesus shows us the way to live through his example of forgiveness even when it seems illogical. The Eucharist strengthens us to forgive because of the great command of Jesus to love one another.”

While much of the Eucharistic Revival year one involves providing devotional and formational opportunities for parish and Diocesan staff, you, too, can be a part of Eucharistic Revival right now! Visit our Facebook page every Thursday to participate in a Faithful Challenge, and hopefully you will feel yourself growing in a relationship with Christ. Visit the Eucharistic Revival resource page at www.DioceseofGreensburg.org/EucharisticRevival for videos, prayers and gathering dates. Consider Bishop Kulick’s invitation to become an intentional disciple this year!


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