First Pennsylvania March for Life draws thousands

Bishop Larry J. Kulick and the Diocesan contingent join the more than 3,000 pro-life supporters who traveled to Harrisburg for the first Pennsylvania March for Life Sept. 27.

First Pennsylvania March for Life draws thousands

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Four buses of pro-life supporters from the Diocese of Greensburg, some carrying homemade signs that read “Babies’ Lives Matter” and “Let God Plan Parenthood,” converged with thousands from across the state to urge state legislators to pass laws to further restrict abortion.

The rally and march were organized by the Harrisburg-based Pennsylvania Family Institute.

Among those who turned out for the event were Ken and Audrey Glick, bus captains for Westmoreland County.

“I have such a passion for the pro-life movement and the fight for the unborn,” said Audrey. “We started the Our Lady of Guadalupe Pro-life Group at our parish, St.  Agnes (North Huntingdon), which meets monthly. We participate in the 40 Days for Life, where they pray in front of Planned Parenthood, and various projects to help new mothers with diapers and clothes; and we are open to anyone in the community and neighboring parishes who would like to help save the lives of the unborn.”

“We have to be the voice of the unborn,” said Ken Glick. “So we are here for them — to let our legislators and everyone else know that every life is important. The Holy Spirit and the Blessed Mother lead us to speak for them.”

The March for Life’s keynote speaker, former Planned Parenthood clinic director turned anti-abortion activist Abby Johnson, shared the story of her conversion to what she called the right side of history. She accused her former employer of promoting “the lie” that an unwanted pregnancy is “just tissue. It’s just waste. But if the pregnancy is wanted, it turns into a baby.”

Thirteen years ago she walked away from her job after watching an ultrasound-guided abortion take place on a 13-week-old fetus.“If we keep working, if we keep making sacrifices, not only will we see a time where abortion is illegal in this country, but friends, we will see a time where abortion is unthinkable,” Johnson said to rousing applause from the crowd.

Ward and House Speaker Bryan Cutler, R-Lancaster County, were joined on stage by legislative colleagues who support reforms to the state’s abortion law.

Pennsylvania allows abortions up to 24 weeks of pregnancy for any reason except to select a gender. Anyone under the age of 18 is required to have permission of a parent or guardian.

“When you consider all the medical innovations we have today, we have 3D ultrasounds, and we can monitor the heartbeat of our baby on our smart watches. These are all medical advancements that demonstrate that life begins at conception,” Ward said.

Cutler told the crowd  the state House is working on additional anti-abortion bills beyond two it has already passed this legislative session. One would ban abortions prompted by a prenatal Down syndrome diagnosis. The other would require abortion providers and other health care facilities that handle fetal remains to arrange for either their burial or cremation
or give the parents the option of doing it at their own cost.

Following the March for Life, the contingent from the Diocese of Greensburg was invited into the Capitol to meet some of their local pro-life legislators. The gathering was hosted by Rep. Matthew Dowling, R-Fayette County.


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