God’s Recipe for Life

God’s recipe for life

By Jennifer Miele

Parishioners at St. James Parish, New Alexandria, meet in the social hall kitchen after daily Mass to discuss their faith and families. Nearly every week, the topic of food is also on the menu.

The Rosary Altar Society’s haluski recipe is a community favorite during the Lenten season. Volunteers come together every week to cook and package it for the sake of their parish because it is a place they can grow in closeness with God.

“As we deepen our relationship with Christ, we come to understand that God gives us the recipe for life,” says Msgr. Larry J. Kulick, pastor, and vicar general of the Diocese of Greensburg. “In the centuries-old teachings of the church, Christ gives us the recipe not only for a successful life, but an eternal life.”

Msgr. Kulick goes on to tell parishioners, “I always say it’s like baking a cake. Some people don’t follow the recipe or they tweak the recipe. They pull the cake out of the oven, and it’s flat or burned. We throw our hands up in the air and ask God why he did this to us! Maybe God quietly says, ‘I did not do this to you. I gave you the recipe. Follow the recipe and you’ll get a good cake.’”


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