Prayer and Perfect Parings event to support Diocesan Missions office

Prayer and Perfect Pairings event to support Diocesan Missions Office

The five-course dinner is scheduled for Oct. 15 at Christ Our Shepherd Center, Route 30, Greensburg. Each course will be prepared from recipes selected by local priests. More details will be coming soon at

Msgr. Raymond E. Riffle, Vicar General of the Diocese of Greensburg and Rector of Blessed Sacrament Cathedral, selected Arrabiata sauce because of his love of spicy foods and he feels it’s a pasta that people will enjoy making and enjoy tasting as much as he does.

“This particular pasta is one that I have always enjoyed and if it’s done correctly, it has a nice spicy flavor. I think it augments whatever food you’re serving it with,” Msgr. Riffle said.

Bishop Larry J. Kulick’s homegrown Rings of Fire peppers create just the right amount of heat in this spicy sauce that combines pureed tomatoes, garlic and tomato paste — simple enough for an easy summer Sunday dinner.

“Just enjoy it,” Msgr. Riffle said. “Food is an opportunity to share and provide nourishment, and that nourishment comes in many ways, not only physical nourishment through the food, but emotional, and I think sometimes even spiritual.

“Jesus chose the Last Supper to share with his disciples. Always take every opportunity you can to gather people and enjoy each other’s presence as you are either preparing, serving or eating, and sometimes even cleaning up after a meal.”    

Msgr. Raymond E. Riffle's Arrabiata Pasta


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