The Catholic Accent wins Catholic Media Association and Communicator Awards

GREENSBURG – The Diocese of Greensburg’s multimedia platforms, under the direction of Bishop Larry J. Kulick, were recognized this spring with multiple honors from the Catholic Media Association (CMA) and Communicator Awards.

The Communicator Awards

The Communicator Awards recognize excellence, effectiveness and innovation across all areas of communication. The awards honor work that transcends craft and makes a lasting impact.

This year, The Catholic Accent podcast, “Stunned Disciples,” and its hosts, Jordan Whiteko, Multimedia Content Manager, Father Christopher J. Pujol, Parochial Vicar at Blessed Sacrament Cathedral Parish, Greensburg, and Episcopal Master of Ceremonies, and Father Andrew J. Hamilton, Parochial Vicar at the parishes of the Roman Catholic Churches of Southern Fayette, were honored for excellence in a religious broadcast.

 In the 10-episode “Stunned Disciples,” the three have lively discussions about the acts and miracles that Jesus performed that left His disciples stunned. To hear the award-winning podcast, click here. 

The Diocesan team that planned and executed the experiential KNOW HIM immersive events held throughout the Diocese of Greensburg last year were honored with an award of distinction. Honorees were Bishop Kulick; Monsignor Raymond E. Riffle, Vicar General and Rector at Blessed Sacrament Cathedral Parish; Vincent Reilly, Managing Director of Faith, Family and Discipleship; Kate Parkinson, executive assistant for the Bishop; Hollie Uccellini, who helped coordinate the events; and The Catholic Accent staff.

Catholic Media Association Awards

The Catholic Media Association’s Catholic Press Awards honor the outstanding work of members who uphold the highest standards of professionalism and ethics in their field and celebrate their excellence and creativity in sharing the Gospel message. More than 3,000 entries were received from around the world. Diocesan efforts were honored with multiple awards.

Advertising Business/Marketing Professional of the Year
First Place

For the second year in a row, Jennifer Miele, Chief Communications Officer and Managing Director of Evangelization, was honored with first place. 
The judges said: “Jennifer Miele’s unparalleled media evangelization transforms everything from podcasts to on camera hosting into gold. Her leadership not only produces diverse media but also cultivates community through engaging events and innovative apps enriching the diocese immensely.”

Multimedia Journalist of the Year
Second Place

Jordan Whiteko

The judges said Whiteko offers journalism that produces the kind of response that has touched many people and makes a difference in the local Church.

“Jordan Whiteko’ s Catholic Accent podcast (“Stunned Disciples”) engages guests and viewers, encouraging them to delve deeper into their faith, and is well produced, with the host coming across as natural, comfortable and putting everyone at ease while moving the conversations along. That skill as a professional communicator, combined as it is with the savviness of a strategist, though, is what really pushed Whiteko’ s entry over the top by ensuring his work would produce such great results for the church.”

Best Use of Video on Social Media – Liturgical Season Advent Ephemeral Content
First Place

Bishop Kulick, Monsignor Riffle, Miele, Reilly, Whiteko, Robin Mull, John Zylka, Mary Seamans, Beth Tallentire and Cliff Gorski.

The award was given for the creation of a 2023 Advent calendar that was made into a daily video posting on the Diocesan social media channels. The judges said: “Very creative use of video that was made into a visual Advent calendar. Using ephemeral video was a brilliant idea. Bravo, Greensburg.”

Hot Topic – The Eucharistic Revival

KNOW HIM: Eucharistic Revival in the Diocese of Greensburg
Second Place
Bishop Kulick, Monsignor Riffle, Miele, Mull, Zylka, Whiteko, Seamans, Tallentire, Gorski and Reilly.

The Diocese was honored for the immersive and innovative KNOW HIM events throughout the Diocese.
The judges said: “Creative and engaging messages to encourage participation in unique events. The Saint Sync app was an especially fun touch! Well done!”

Best Special Supplement or Special Issue with Advertising Emphasis
The Catholic Accent: Schools Edition
Second Place

Bishop Kulick, Monsignor Riffle, Dr. Nancy Rottler, Miele, Mull, Zylka, Whiteko, Seamans, Tallentire, Gorski and Reilly.

The Judges said: “ Ad designs are outstanding.”

Best Multimedia Package
The Eucharistic Revival Eucharistic Revival: KNOW HIM
Third Place

Bishop Kulick, Monsignor Riffle, Miele, Mull, Zylka, Whiteko, Seamans, Tallentire, Gorski and Reilly.

Best Podcast Series

The Catholic Accent Podcast
“Stunned Disciples”
Third Place
Bishop Kulick, Miele, Mull, Whiteko, Father Pujol, Father Hamilton, Reilly and the staff of The Catholic Accent.

The Judges said: “The hosts of this podcast exhibit great chemistry, clearly benefiting from their experience working together. Their discussions showcase exceptional depth and layers, delving straight into theology without veering into pop culture territory. The topics are intriguing, with a strong emphasis on scripture that enriches the content. The banter between the hosts is fresh and often yields insightful gems. The professional set up, including the in-house studio, adds another dimension to the recordings. However, it’s the genuine camaraderie between the hosts that truly sets this podcast apart.”

Best Social Media Campaign

Remember Our Parish at Christmas
Honorable Mention

Bishop Kulick, Riffle, Miele, Mull, Zylka, Whiteko, Seamans, Tallentire, Gorski, Paul Puleo, Michael Lucotch, Lindsay DeCario and Jane Long.

The campaign included graphics for each parish along with a social media campaign in an effort to increase donations to each parish in the Diocese during the Christmas season.


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