Update: Saint Mary of Czestochowa Restoration

NEW KENSINGTON – MAY 15 – The finish line is in sight and restoration on our church building is moving quickly now! In April, Mains roofing installed the scaffolding and began removing the temporary roof to make way for the permanent roof. The color of the permanent roof matches the original roof. Next, work will begin work on the bell tower, then the spire and finally the replacement of the original cross! We hope to have everything completed by the end of summer.

During the roof restoration, crews found a bulge in the roof that needs to be repaired before the roof can be finished.  The process of remedying that bulge is already in progress. It is important to note that the bulge existed prior to the tornado. Fortunately, even with this pre-existing issue, the roof restoration did not cost the parish any out-of-pocket funds. The insurance settlement and the interest earned on the settlement funded the storm-damage restoration.

Any funds that were lacking due to the complexity of the project were covered by the diocesan self-insurance fund.

Weather is a key factor in the progress, so keep our workers in your prayers!


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