Well wishes from Bishop Larry J. Kulick’s predecessors

Well wishes

from Bishop Larry J. Kulick’s predecessors:

Bishop Kulick has been a man of relationships, and when people feel they are part of you through a relationship, then they give you a part of themselves; they reciprocate. This reciprocation to Bishop Kulick and his ministry has been wonderful to behold. And it holds out such a great promise for his success as a bishop. People are going to gift him with a part of themselves because they love him. Bishop Kulick, I congratulate you as a dear friend, as our sixth Bishop, and as a wonderful human who has so many spiritual and human and intellectual gifts that will serve you and us in the diocese so well for decades and decades to come.

— Bishop Emeritus Lawrence E. Brandt

I am thrilled that Bishop Kulick is the person to succeed me and take over the cathedra, the bishop’s chair in the cathedral. I warmed it up for you, Bishop! Bishop Kulick, our Holy Father, Pope Francis, was certainly guided by the Holy Spirit in his choice of you. You will be an excellent shepherd for the Diocese of Greensburg. I am happy to call you a friend. It is good to count you now as a brother bishop. I know that you have a deep love of our Lord Jesus, you have a strong call to ordained ministry and you love the Diocese of Greensburg, its priests, deacons, religious and lay faithful. Bishop Kulick, congratulations to you and to the Diocese of Greensburg. God bless you and those you serve, and those you love.

— Cleveland Bishop Edward C. Malesic


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