Will you join me?

Will you join me?

Bishop Kulick, a native of Leechburg, said in his remarks at his Ordination and Installation on Feb. 11, 2021:

“I come before you today, knocking at the door. This time not at a side door of a rectory on Third Street in a beautiful western Pennsylvania steel town, but to your door. Not asking a wise and seasoned immigrant priest or maybe more so a devoted housekeeper who served as the gatekeeper to the pastor for an opportunity or permission to serve, but asking you in the name of Christ to be able to serve. I come not as a naive, wide-eyed second-grader, but now as a priest and Bishop. I come to your door, I am knocking, I am asking you — can I serve? I will do my best to learn, I will commit to the time it takes, I’ll even get up early. Just give me a chance. I promise I will do my best, but I need something even more than your permission. I will need God’s grace, and I will need your help, your cooperation and your desire. Will you join me? God has great things in store. Can you imagine, if with his grace he can call a small young man who just wanted to be an altar boy to the priesthood and now to the episcopacy, we can only imagine what he can do for each of us if we trust, rely on his grace and follow his will. Come, let’s find out together what God has planned for each of us.”


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