46th Annual Rosary Rally held at Christ Our Shepherd Center

By Melissa Williams Brown
Contributing Writer

GREENSBURG – October 22, 2022 – Faithful in the Diocese of Greensburg gathered at St. Joseph Chapel at Christ Our Shepherd Center in Greensburg for the 46th rosary rally on Oct. 22. Bishop Larry J. Kulick was presider and homilist.

Rachel Burke, treasurer of Greensburg’s Our Lady of Lourdes and a parishioner at St. Raymond of the Mountains Parish in Donegal, looks forward to the rosary rally each year and has a strong devotion to the Blessed Mother.

Burke and Henna Bautista proudly displayed a banner honoring the Legion of Mary’s Our Lady of Lourdes. Bautista is a longtime Our Lady of Grace parishioner and past president of Our Lady of Lourdes Praesidium at  Our Lady of Grace. She’s part of the recruitment extension and co-chairman along with her husband, Dr. Primo Bautista. Henna Bautista proudly talks about her devotion to the Blessed Mother and says the rosary every week at Our Lady of Grace Parish.

Bishop Kulick welcomed the group to such an important day to remember our Blessed Mother.

“Today as we gather, we ask our Blessed Mother’s intercessions for all of our needs. We ask her to be better students in the school of Mary. Putting ourselves in Mary’s hands will lead us directly to Jesus. If we want to be saints, let us do so with Mary,” said Bishop Kulick.

Bishop Kulick reminded those in attendance that we are commanded to strive toward holiness.

He referred to St. Pope John Paul II, who believed the fastest path to holiness was through Mary.

He told the prayerful to think of the power of the rosary, and how prayers to Mary have helped to make great strides in the pro-life movement.

“May we never stop praying the rosary. We sometimes take for granted the blessings we have received,” said Bishop Kulick.


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