Bishop Honors Religious Celebrating Jubilee Anniversaries

By Mary Seamans
Catholic Accent Staff

GREENSBURG – May 4, 2022 – Religious from each of the orders serving in the Diocese of Greensburg celebrated a Jubilee Mass with Bishop Larry J. Kulick on May 4, at Christ Our Shepherd Center. Bishop Kulick congratulated the jubilarians who were celebrating milestones and thanked them for their dedication. “Your apostolic work has touched and influenced many souls in the diocese and has made a huge impact on the Church,” said Kulick. “Give thanks to God for the gift of faith which is the foundation of our lives.”

He reminded them of three principles to living a consecrated life: “We must remind ourselves that we must die to ourselves, so we can live in Christ; We must be eucharistically  centered; and we need to be living the charisms of the Church.”

“Sometimes when we reach a big milestone we think maybe now I can take a break,” said Kulick, “ but, there is still more that each of us can do. Let us always be sources of inspiration to others through an exemplary life. That is a blessing to the entire Church.”

2022 Religious Jubilarian Anniversaries

Sr. Madeline Henry, ASCJ                    70th

Sr. Ruth Aubrey, ASCJ                         65th

Sr. Elizabeth Mary Knight, ASCJ          65th

Sr. Vivian Chiodini, ASCJ                     60th

Sr. Ritamary Schultz, ASCJ                  60th

Sr. Matthew Maria Rancilio, ASCJ      50th

Sr. Cecilia Scanduto, ASCJ                   25th

Sr. Rose Therese, DM                         35th

Bro. Timothy Wade, OSB                    67th (Profession)

Fr. Cornelius Chang, OSB                    65th (Profession)

Fr. Mario Fulgenzi, OSB                      60th (Profession)

Fr. Athanasius Cherry, OSB                 60th (Profession)

Fr. Vernon Holtz, OSB                         60th (Ordination)

Fr. Cornelius Chang, OSB                    60th (Ordination)

Fr. Myron Kirsch, OSB                         55th (Profession)

Fr. Meinrad Lawson, OSB                   55th (Ordination)

Fr. Kurt Belsole, OSB                           50th (Profession)

Fr. David Griffin, OSB                          50th (Profession)

Fr. Aaron Buzzelli, OSB                       50th (Profession)

Fr. Cyprian Constantine, OSB             50th (Profession)

Fr. Anthony Wesolowski, OSB            50th (Ordination)

Fr. Joseph Adams, OSB                       25th (Profession)

Fr. Thomas Curry, OSB                        25th (Profession)

Fr. Liang Ho, OSB                                25th (Profession)

Fr. Robert Keefer, OSB                        25th (Ordination)

Fr. James Loew, OSB                           25th (Ordination)

Fr. Thomas More Sikora, OSB             25th (Ordination)

Sr. Juliana Tengia, SCIC                       30th

Sr. Mary Zachary Endress, SC             80th

Sr. Patrice Hughes, SC                         70th

Sr. Brigid Marie Grandey, SC              70th

Sr. Regina Marie Boslet, SC                70th

Sr. Colette Hanlon, SC                         65th

Sr. Mary Clark, SC                               65th

Sr. Mary Lou Palas, SC                        65th

Sr. Lorilee Ufolla, SC                           65th

Sr. Janet M. Neider, SC                       65th

Sr. Jane Ann Cherubin, SC                   60th

Sr. Melanie DiPietro, SC                      60th

Sr. Maureen O’Brien, SC                     60th

Sr. Mary Janice Grindle, SC                 60th

Sr. Vincent Marie Sidick, SC                60th


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