Bishop Kulick: Grow in the Lord

Bishop Kulick: Grow in the Lord

By Jennifer Miele

Inside the greenhouse of his family homestead in Leechburg, Bishop Larry J. Kulick takes great care of the seedlings that eventually produce a bountiful harvest. He explains that gardening has beautiful imagery that helps us to better understand God’s creations. But it also develops a pretense for helping us to understand the care we must devote to vocations.

The number of assigned native Catholic priests in the Diocese of Greensburg could go from 40 to about 15 in the next decade. He is asking parishes to “plant the seeds” today and create a culture of vocations in each faith community.

“God plants a seed in each of our hearts, and we must pay special attention to how to nurture that seed,” said Bishop Kulick. “Given the right care, the seed of the vocation then sprouts and grows.”

He notes that many of the seeds he works with in his garden are very small and take a long time to germinate.

“Vocations will be very similar,” said Bishop Kulick, “be it priesthood, the diaconate, consecrated life, married or single life.

“We are called to nurture the gift of that vocation. Through the different seasons of our lives, a seed eventually sprouts; then it is transplanted into the garden to grow. We recognize that just as Scripture says, the seed falls to the ground. And the good seed that falls on good soil produces abundant fruit.”

Bishop Kulick reminds the faithful that every stage of the growing process is critical, especially when plants move from the greenhouse into the garden.

“The conditions outside the greenhouse are not as controlled; the weather is variable, and sometimes plants experience a bit of a shock,” he said. “I think that imagery is really important, because in the seminary or in religious formation or even as young adults, we’ve been very sheltered in the greenhouse. All of a sudden we are put out into the world.”

Bishop Kulick has made the work of the Office of Priestly Vocations and its director, Father Tyler J. Bandura, a strategic priority. This publication is dedicated to God’s work being done on behalf of vocations.

“It’s very important that we take the proper care to help these vocations grow in the Lord.”

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