Faith deepens at Saint Vincent Summer Camp

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By Logan Johnson
Communications Intern

LATROBE – This week, Saint Vincent College hosted its annual Faith and Reason summer camp, focusing on high school and first-year College students’ who want to strengthen their faith in a college atmosphere. Being in a college setting and away from home, helps students have deeper reflections about their life and hear from college students and speakers about how faith and reason are central to understanding logic and to grow in their faith as well.

Dr. Michael Krom, PhD is the director of the Faith and Reason program, professor and chair of the philosophy department, and director of the Benedictine leadership studies. Dr. Krom wants to help these students grow in their faith while away from home.

“When I came here to the college in 2007, I really wanted to find a way to engage high school students and to give them a taste of the Catholic intellectual tradition and show them what they will receive when they are a student at Saint Vincent College” Krom said.

Dr. Krom believes that the program’s focus on Socratic conversation and rooting it in everything the camp does makes the Faith and Reason camp unique compared to other camps. “What makes our program unique is our focus on Socratic conversation and rooting that in beautiful Masses and in prayer together” said Krom.


Dr. Krom hopes that the Faith and Reason summer program will not only help young people grow stronger their faith, but experience life on a college campus. “I think the most important thing the students get out of this program is that they become a part of a community, but also have a chance to meet faculty, monks, and experience life on a college campus” said Krom.

Bishop Larry J. Kulick celebrated Mass with the students in St. Gregory Chapel during the summer camp. “My hope for this program and the impact it will have on the greater Church community, is that these young people taking part in this program have a wonderful emersion experience in the church’s rich intellectual history and allow their own faith journey to grow” Bishop Kulick said.

Fun activities were included in the summer camp with Ultimate Frisbee being the most fun sport to play. Joseph Foss a sophomore at Greensburg Central Catholic Junior-Senior High School enjoyed playing Ultimate Frisbee but found morning and evening prayer to be very enjoyable.

“During the different Liturgy of the Hours, it’s a good time to spend time with Jesus but also a good experience” Foss said.

Foss wanted to be a part of the Faith and Reason program because he believes the program will help him expand his faith and make it stronger. “My brother participated in the Faith and Reason program, and he seemed like he was having a good time which inspired me to be a part of this program and expand my faith” Foss said.

Students who are interested in participating in the Faith and Reason program can find information about the upcoming dates and registration in early 2024 at


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