Retreat designed to form a meaningful relationship with Christ

 By The Catholic Accent

GREENSBURG – Kerygma is a word that has been used in the Church for more than 2,000 years, but is probably unfamiliar to most people.

The Greek word kerygma means “proclamation.”  For Catholics, kerygma is the core proclamation of the Gospel that Jesus loves us, he died for us, and that he is alive and inviting us to have a relationship with Him.

The Diocese of Greensburg Office of Faith, Family and Discipleship is sponsoring the Kerygma Weekend Discipleship Retreat May 17-19 at Christ our Shepherd Center, Greensburg.

The retreat is open to everyone. Vincent Reilly, Managing Director of the Office of Faith, Family and Discipleship, says it is an invitation to form a meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ and is designed for people who know Jesus in some way but want to strengthen that relationship.

“We hope those attending the retreat will invite those who may have fallen away from the Church to return to parish life or invite those who have not heard the Gospel before,” Reilly said.

The retreat will begin with the core message of the Gospel and will allow those attending to renew their baptismal promises, their experience with the sacrament of confirmation and their experience of receiving the Eucharist.
“It gives us a chance to look at our lives to see how God is working in our life and what he is calling us to,” Reilly said. “There is a focus on prayer, community, the study of Scripture and the Eucharist to help us live our Catholic faith in our daily life.”

 Reilly says the retreat is a launching point to have the faithful become more involved in their parishes or communities within their parishes, along with helping them understand the path God has chosen for them through catechis.

The goal of the retreat is to create intentional disciples of Christ, who will return to their parishes with a desire to help create a more vibrant parish life and help those who may have fallen away to return.
“In order to be a disciple, you have to know the person that you are following. This retreat is a snapshot into the person of Christ and his desire for a relationship with you and what he is calling you to do,”  Reilly said.

For more information about the Kerygma Weekend Discipleship Retreat and how to register, visit


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