Wrapping with kids

By Elisabeth Smith
for The Catholic Accent

FORD CITY – Ask Pilar Arco why she gives Christmas gifts to her family and her answer is simple and true: “Because I love them.”

Pilar, a student at The Divine Redeemer School in Ford City, joined her schoolmates Grace Meighan and Tanner Bish and The Catholic Accent’s Jordan Whiteko to wrap gifts for the less fortunate – but ended up learning more about the meaning of Christmas together as they talked.

Read on to learn some valuable (and sweet) wisdom from these smart students on the joy of the Christmas holiday. 

We give gifts because God gave us the greatest gift of all: Jesus. What are other ways you can give gifts on the holidays besides just offering presents?

 Grace: “Help out and be kind.”

 Tanner: “I could turn out the lights for my mom.” 

Jordan: What is your favorite thing about Christmas? 

Grace: “Giving. (Last year) I got my mom cooking stuff and skincare and dad stuff for the grill. He’s the hardest to buy for.”

Pilar: “I got my mom a cute kitty sweater because I know she loves our cats.”

 Grace: “When I give a gift to someone, I feel like they feel happy. My great-grandma, sometimes she gets really emotional. But (when that happens), it makes me feel like I got them a good gift.”

 Jordan: I’ve enjoyed talking to you about receiving presents and giving gifts. But there are people less fortunate in our community. Could we help by giving to Angel Trees or clothing or food drives at Diocese of Greensburg parishes and schools?

 All: “Yes.”

 Jordan: It’s lots of fun wrapping gifts and there is a lot of joy like this during this time of year. How can you spread joy during Christmas?

 Pilar: “Go visit someone or help them out with something.”

 Tanner: “Give hugs.”


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