Conn Area Catholic School new greenhouse and aquaponics system blessing

By The Catholic Accent

– Students and staff at Conn Area Catholic School in Connellsville are excited about their new Greenhouse and Aquaponics System. Father Paul Lisik, pastor of the churches that make up the Yough Catholic Community, blessed  the new system on Monday, August 7.

Cecilia Solan, Principal at Conn Area Catholic School, said many volunteers helped install the greenhouse and the aquaponics system which will enhance the school’s science program.  Solan’s husband, Gerry, her brothers Michael and John Sharbaugh, Jon Coholich, a parent to one of the students, and maintenance man, Sam Hutchinson helped to build the structure.  Getting the aquaponics system into motion was Scott Ritenour, who has knowledge and experience with this process.   

“At Conn-Area Catholic School we are so blessed with so many people who support our mission to grow the church. Your time and talent are a testimony of your belief in what we do. God called you to this task and you answered the call,” Solan said of the volunteers.

Since April, students from preschool through sixth grade had their hands in the process, from planting tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, parsley, and flowers.  They know how to test the water, feed the fish, backwash the filters, and check on the pumps.

“Our students have enjoyed using this greenhouse and learning from it,” Solan said about the new system.  “It has been a learning experience for all of us, as we work to perfect it.  We could not do it without the support of our volunteers and students, and the work that science teacher Mrs. Tammi Kostley has put into it. It is your work that made it possible for our students to ‘grow’ in knowledge and love of learning.”


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