Eucharistic Procession between Fayette and Westmoreland County parishes

By Melissa Williams Brown
Contributing Writer

Bishop Larry J. Kulick,  presided at the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ (Corpus Christi) Mass and powerful Eucharistic procession on Sunday, June 11 at the partner parishes of St. John the Baptist in Scottdale and St. Joseph in Everson. 

This month, the Feast of Corpus Christi is celebrated. Many parishes will provide opportunities for Eucharistic processions, which have long been a part of the church’s liturgical and devotional life. It provides us with a way to utilize our entire body to witness the presence of our Lord in the Eucharist and they are outward signs to the greater community that we are living and expressing our faith through this beautiful devotion to our Lord. 

Bishop Kulick celebrated Mass at St. Joseph Church in Everson, followed by a Eucharistic procession to St. John the Baptist Church in Scottdale for adoration. To follow tradition, an intricately embroidered Eucharistic processional canopy was used during the Eucharistic procession. The partner parishes are less than a mile from each other, with a bridge linking St. Joseph in Fayette to St. John the Baptist in Westmoreland County. 

“Today’s Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ (Corpus Christi) calls us to renew our own selves and our parishes, not only worshipping Christ and taking it out into the world to strengthen others,” said Bishop Kulick.
Bishop Kulick commended those who worked collaboratively from the partner parishes.

“It’s appropriate to give honor and glory to God,” said Bishop Kulick.
The Eucharist, he said, is the source and summit and our lives. The procession is part of a three-year Eucharist Revival process initiated by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) to reflect on the meaning of the Eucharist in our lives. This year, parishes in the Diocese of Greensburg are focusing not only on diocesan staff, but all parishes. The bishop said that sometimes American Catholics don’t understand relics or processions. Liturgically, we do less and less. A procession is an imitation of what we believe,” said Bishop Kulick.

During his homily, Bishop Kulick said Corpus Christi reminds us that Christ is our source of unity as he calls us into one body, which is the church, to not only nourish but to be in communion, to be as one united toward the final destination of heaven.

“There are many processions in life and we may get tired, or we might let go and break away from the group. The church reminds us we are so blessed here in this nation to experience the gift of freedom. The church reminds us we are walking together,” said Bishop Kulick.

Ss. Cyril & Methodius and St. Hubert parishes in Fairchance, St. John the Baptist Parish in Perryopolis, St. John the Baptist de la Salle parish in Delmont, and St. Mary, Our Lady of Guadalupe parish in Kittanning all held Eucharistic processions on June 11. 

Corpus Christi reminds us that Christ is our source of unity as he calls us into one body with the church to not only nourish, but in communion to be as one.


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